16-18 Traineeships - EHCP


Good morning,

I just wondered if anybody knew if 16-18 traineeships allow for 25year olds with an EHCP to be eligible, as I have seen a 16-18 Traineeship Provider advertise for 16-18 year olds and for 25 year olds with an EHCP.



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Any 19-24 year old with an EHCP should be on Study Programme funding. Given that, if their Study Programme happens to be a Traineeship, then it would work like a "16-18" traineeship.

I think?

Philip Dawe

Steveh I would agree but it would depend on their dob - age on 1st Aug would have to be 24 and not 25.

Adam have you looked at Supported Internships - Very Similar to Traineeships but designed to be longer in duration and scope than a traineeship and specifically for learners with an EHCP?