Sue Scott

Made redundant whilst on a break!



We have a learner who went on a Break in Learning on 31/12/2020 (Salon closed due to COVID)

We then received a letter confirming redundancy effective from 28/02/21 (Learner still on a BIL)

We brought her back on programme on 7/6/21 to complete her apprenticeship and put her through EPA (iaw funding rules - still redundant)  

No errors on Batch (but redundancy is not yet recorded)


I have updated the employment status to unemployed (28/02/2021) :

Is this ok to do as the 20/21 funding year  is closed or do I have to make this 1/8/21

I am getting an error as she is not employed on the date I bring her back.

Any help with this coding would help. I dont think the fact I am coding after the close of the funding year is helping!


Errors I am now getting

DateEmpStatApp=28/02/2021| The Employment status monitoring type and code is not valid for the Employment status date
LearnStartDate=07/06/2021| 'Employment status' may be wrong. The apprentice should be in employment at the start of their apprenticeship. Check 'employment status' is correct.


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