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Withdrawal Returning to do EPA


Good afternoon

I have an Apprentice who was withdrawn on 06/10/2021 having lost employment. The planned end date was 31/10/2021. He now has a new employer that wants him to return to complete the EPA. All learning was delivered prior to the withdrawal date. He was a 2018 start.

I had planned to re-start the ILR in order to collect the Completion element with a start date of today to tie in with a new funding reservation and with an end date of 31/03/2022 as the EPA date is expected to be in March. However, the new employer has been told by the ESFA that they can collect a proportion of the new incentive payment if the apprentice is in learning for a minimum of three months so they want us to add an end date at the end of April. 

So, my dilemma is should I add an end date that gives the employer the three months they ask for knowing that there is no learning to deliver but as the apprentice previously passed the planned end date, does it matter? If it subsequently turns out no incentive is due, we can't be held responsible! We are able to put him in for EPA after April but that doesn't feel right, fixing the dates to benefit the customer

I'm inclined to stick with my original plan as that reflects what should happen naturally but it would be good to get other views as it won't sit well with the customer. 




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Yeah, the employer is wrong here, they're trying to get something for, effectively, nothing.

From your point of view, you'd have to be able to demonstrate 20% OTJ for the three months and, if they've nothing to learn, you couldn't do that, that's the line I'd push with the employer I think (rather than saying "if it looks like a fiddle, don't do it!" ;))?

Louise Garratt

Thanks Steve, that's what I wanted to hear! I'll stick to my guns and let the customer know.

Many thanks once again.