Kelly Knights



Why is a AEB learner enrolled at University funded by SFE not eligible but someone enrolled on a ALL funded by SFE is eligible?




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Martin West

Where is this in the funding rules?

Kelly Knights

Which part sorry? Are you saying learners at university can enrol on a AEB course?

Martin West

I was asking where you got that information from.

Kelly Knights

Its my understanding a learner cant enrol if they are in receipt of other DfE funding

Martin West

The AEB funding rules does not include the restriction you have said, see the following:

What we will not fund

  1. We will not fund:

80.1. qualifications, units or learning aims that are not listed on Find a learning aim or on the ESFA list of qualifications approved for funding – please see paragraphs 114 to 119 below

80.2. provision to learners in custody - the Ministry of Justice funds prison education in England. Please note you can use your ESFA funded AEB to fund individuals released on temporary licence as set out in paragraph 120.4.

80.3. end-point assessment outside of apprenticeship standards, which is subject to Ofqual external quality assurance and regulated as a qualification

80.4. any part of any learner’s learning aim or programme that duplicates provision they have received from any other source

80.5. training through ESFA funded AEB, where a learner is undertaking or planning to undertake an apprenticeship and where that training will:

80.5.1. replicate vocational and other learning aims covered by the apprenticeship standard or framework, including English and maths

80.5.2. offer career-related training that conflicts with the apprenticeship aims

80.5.3. be taking place during the apprentices working hours. Where an apprentice has more than one job, working hours refers to the hours of the job the apprenticeship is linked to

80.6. a learner to repeat the same regulated qualification where they have previously achieved it, unless it is for any GCSE where the learner has not achieved grade 4 (C) or higher

80.7. a learner to sit or resit a learning aim assessment or examination where no extra learning takes place


The Apprenticeship funding rules however do have a similar restriction where they will not fund those who:

P79.3 be in receipt of any other direct DfE funding during their apprenticeship programme; this includes any other DfE funded FE / HE programme including programmes funded by a student loan, but excludes funding outlined in P79.2; or

P79.4 undertake any part of an apprenticeship whilst on a sandwich placement as part of a degree programme.

P80 As an exception to P79.2, an individual may commence an apprenticeship, and attract funding, where they have less than four weeks to completion of an existing DfE funded course.



Kelly Knights

My mistake.