Rachel Jobes

Change to planned OTJT


Please can people advise if it is accepted to change planned OTJT hours on the ILR whilst learners are in learning?

We have learners being made full time and have changed their commitment statement and changed the OTJT hours.  Do I just replace the existing entry or create a new line.

Is it only in these circs and a BIL that they're allowed to be changed? I was always under the impression they could not be changed at all.


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Martin West

You must not change the OTJ hours in the ILR but instead record any change of OTJ or planned end date on the commitment statement. When an Apprentice change’s working hours up or down the OTJ hours will not change.


Rachel Jobes

Oh Martin you might be saving me making a mistake! Thank you - where can I find that in the OTJT guidance or funding rules.  Our learners are full time now where they were part time so I assumed they needed to collate more OTJT now. 

Rachel Jobes

Apologies Martin should have been clearer are you familiar with the page / para for not changing plannined OTJT - the not changing OTJT is puzzling me and the fact we can then have commitment statements not matching the ILR potentially for a couple of learners I need to get my head around that.

Martin West

The funding rules requirements are:

P49 The number of planned off-the-job training hours, for the full apprenticeship, must be documented on the apprenticeship agreement and the commitment statement. These must be separate documents.

P50 Since 1 August 2019 planned off-the-job training hours must also be documented on the individualised learner record. You must not change this figure once submitted (except for a data input error at the beginning of the programme).

On the original documents and the ILR the OTJ hours must all be the same.

The ILR must not be changed even when a change in working hours or other reason that requires the OTJ hours to be amended and any change is only reflected as an agreed change in the commitment statement, but the ILR will still match the commitment statement original OTJ Hours.


Rachel Jobes

Thank you so much Martin greatly appreciated.