Sue Scott

Return to Apprenticeship to complete EPA only



I have a learner who completed his practical period then left his employer.

I am doing an employer change and the new employer has created their digital account.

The learner is ready to go through gateway and has been out of funding for quite some time so the new employer will not need to do any training, we already have the required amount of OJT so the only thing we would be claiming is the 20%.

Is the 20% the amount of funding I would put on the digital account?

This learner was on ACT2 and will now be ACT1 but I assume there will be no requirement to change the funding lines on the ILR as the new employr is NON Levy

I hope all this makes sense


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Martin West

If the new employer is on DAS it can only be ACT 1

The remaining completion payment 20% is split between TNP 2 EPA cost and the remained representing THP 1 training costs.