Ella Howard

Enrolling on apprenticeship whilst on break from PT OU degree


Hi, we have someone who wants to enrol on a level 3 apprenticeship with us. They have indicated that they are currently enrolled on a part time degree with the Open University alongside their employment, but will be taking a break whilst they plan to do the apprenticeship, re-starting the degree when they've finished the apprenticeship. Their degree is funded by student loan. In terms of the funding rules, I can see that we couldn't fund someone who was enrolled in full time study funded by a student loan at the same time as an apprenticeship, but I'm unclear whether this would apply if they are a part-time student and would not be actively studying for their degree whilst enrolled in the apprenticeship?





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Martin West

P68.4 Not use a student loan to pay for their apprenticeship. Where an individual transfers to an apprenticeship from a full-time further education or higher education course, and that course has been funded by a student loan, the loan must be terminated by the individual and you must be satisfied that this has occurred.

Ella Howard

Thanks Martin. In this case, the learner is doing a part time rather than full time HE programme - so would this rule apply?


Wayne Hosking

Hi Ella,

  We've had exactly the same query in the last few days (sure its not the same learner :)

I've ask to see confirmation they have withdrawn from the HE programme before we proceed, regardless if the HE programme was PT or FT in my opinion.

It's explicit in the apprenticeship rules you should not be on a HE programme at the same time.


Under Who Can be Funded.

P368.5 Confirmation that the apprentice is not:
P368.5.1 enrolled on another apprenticeship
P368.5.2 enrolled on a DfE funded HE / FE programme (excluding 
AEB) where that programme is more than 4 weeks from 
P368.5.3 enrolled on an AEB funded programme where that 
programme does not comply with rules P79.2


Ella Howard

Thanks Wayne, probably best to err on side of caution on this I guess!