Wendy Kay

Apprenticeship on DAS but was a Non-Starter



We have an apprentice signed up on the DAS as live but was actually a non-starter to due personal reasons.  No payments have been received for this learner as they never appeared on our ILR.

Can anyone advise on how to remove the learner from the DAS ie does it have to be done by the employer.




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Kelly Knights

I dont use DAS myself but im sure there is a handbook listing certain scneraios and what to do. Would it prehaps work if the employer stopped their record on their start date? K

Wendy Kay

Thanks Kelly - I'll have a look for that handbook.  I normally stop learners in the way you describe for AEB so that might work as well.

Wayne Hosking

Hi there,

This will have to be closed off by the previous employer, this has caused us issues when we have learners changing employer and the old employer not doing it in a timely fashion.

Without the learner being in the ILR then no funding draw down so not a major issue, it'll only likely be a problem if the learner goes to another employer and tries to start an apprenticeship.

Wendy Kay

Thanks Wayne, really appreciate you getting back to  me.