Donna Pritchard

Employer Identifier numbers


Hi, should we be using an employers registered address ERN or the apprentices site ERN if it is different form the registered office?

We have learners that all work for the same employer but a different sites so didn't know whether to use the main head office one or all of them or one for learner that is at a different site.

I can't seem to find where it states that either way is mandatory so wondering what others do.

The only reference on the funding rules are:

An organisation that has a contract of service and an apprenticeship agreement with an 
apprentice. This can include an apprenticeship training agency (ATA). This may also include a 
company or charity whose PAYE scheme the employer has connected to their apprenticeship 
service account. References to an ‘employer’ describe the whole organisation, not individual 
sites, locations, groups or companies linked by directors.


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Martin West

The ILR definition for this field is ‘The identifier of the employer that the learner is employed with for the workplace learning’ but this is slightly misleading as the Employer ID number from the Employer Data Service identifier’s the employer site and in the case for large fast food organisations this can total over 1000 individual outlets, it is these individual sites that have historically been recorded in the ILR.

Donna Pritchard

Thank you Martin.