Katherine Lee

FRM37 report


We have a learner that has appeared on this report due to their planned OTJ hours showing as potentially less that they should be.  Our documentation shows the correct hours for her, it seems to be an input error.  The guidance is suggesting we change the ILR field to show the correct hours - am I reading this correctly? 



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Errors should always be corrected.

Philip Dawe

Katherine Lee Have you checked your EII Indicators?

The ESFA have started to use this field to estimate minimum hours details here:

Post-16 monitoring - apprenticeship off-the-job-training hours report (FRM37) - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

We saw the same issues this month and for us it was that we were returning Term time only learners as EII 30+ hours; as when they were in work they were full time working over 30 hrs. However when we averaged it over the year taking into account the extra non working weeks the EII band dropped to 21-30.

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