Rebecca Wilson

Change of employer, all OPP received but not yet in EPA process?


We have a learner who has moved employer but still has FS to do before going in to EPA. We have received all OPP. Original employer was a Levy payer, new would be non Levy.  Would the new employer need to reserve funds to cover 20% completion payment?


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Martin West


Employers that do not pay the apprenticeship levy, will not need to reserve funding when they approve a training providers request to ‘move’ an apprentice.



Rebecca Wilson

Thanks Martin.  Can I ask how we would then get the remaining funding for the apprentices to continue with a new employer?  Also, one of the learners we have received all OPP for their main aim but still have FS to complete and then the remaining 20% when they go in to EPA?

Martin West

The funding is the same and from DAS and the ESFA it is only that none levy have no need to reserve funding.