Andrea Scotti

20% OTJ hours when an apprentice transfers in


If an Apprentice transfers in from another provider, does the new provider just take responsibiity for the 20% OTJ hours for the duration of the time they are with them (e.g 25 weeks at 40 hours p/w = 200 OTJ hours) for their expected time to complete practical learning ?  Or do they have to get evidence from the previous provider of the 20% hours they've done previously? MTIA


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Ruth Canham-James

Just look after your own bit. You'll likely never get evidence from the first provider, and it's not your responsibility. You'll know from your skills scan how much you think they need to do. If they're behind, you may need to extend the duration past the planned end date with the first provider, and that will increase the OTJ.

When you code an apprenticeship as a Restart (even without an original start date, as with transfers in), the minimum OTJ hours rules aren't applied.