Lisa Pike

Multiple employers


We have an applicant that works for various NHS employers throughout their working week - They work over 30 hours per week but with different NHS employers.

How does these affect the apprenticeship, contracts, OTJH?

Any help / advice would be great. Thanks



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Martin West

If they already work for various NHS providers I would have expected that they were already experienced and qualified for their roles and therefore not eligible.

You would need to explain the context.

Lisa Pike

HI Martin, 

Thanks for replying - they are looking to do a coaching apprenticeship.

Was just wondering how the contracting and hours work if they have multiple contracts


Martin West

It is not learner led but down to their employer if they wish to employ their employee as an Apprentice under an Apprenticeship agreement. Only the hours with the employer employing the Apprentice and funded through DAS would count in respect of working hours and OTJ training.