Sarah Kelly

Teacher Apprenticeship


I`m interested to know how providers who deliver the Teacher Apprenticeship manage the school holidays in terms of determining the length of programme and off the job hours. Do they extend the length as the suggested programme length is 12 months but the off the job calculation uses 5.6 weeks as annual leave entitlement whereas Teachers have 13 weeks? I`m really keen to see how other providers manage this.


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Martin West

It all depends on their contracts full time or Term time only, for OTJ calculation you always use 5.6 weeks for full time and pro rata for part time and you only extend the duration for those with part time or term time contracts.

For term time contracts remember to record the employment intensity as the average hours over the year.



Sarah Kelly

They don`t have term time contracts but if you look at the official amount of hours they are contracted to work over a year, it looks as if they are part time as it averages out at less than 30 hours a week. However they have a full time contract and couldn`t perform the role of a teacher working less than 30 hours a week. It is commonly known in the industry that teachers work considerably more than this but I don`t think ESFA would accept this?

Martin West

Sorry but I disagree as it is the weekly working F/T hours they are contracted for and for most in the sector this is over 30 hours at 35 hours per week.

Sarah Kelly

Thanks martin, this is really helpful and clarifies yet another rule for me.


Yes, let's not confuse contact hours with contracted hours as well. Also, even though I agree that they're going to be "full time", let's not forget that you'll probably want to fit in all that OTJ when they're not on holiday, so it will be more than 20% a working week compared to someone who only gets 28 days...