Andrea Scotti

ESF Logo in High Definition


Does anyone know where I can find the latest ESF logo in High definition to put on all of our documentation we are updating>  MTIA


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Martin West

Not sure that you need one now as no new Apprenticeship starts are used for match funding.

Andrea Scotti

Thanks Martin - we were under the understanding that because we had exisiting learners when ESF funding was being used, we still needed to display this on any paperwork.  Is this not the case do you know?  many thanks

Martin West

You may still need it for AEB, none levy frameworks and standards

High definition

Andrea Scotti

Many thanks Martin - that's really helpful 

Kelly Knights

This maybe what Martin was alluding to in his original reply but Im sure GLA AEB and Levy apprenticeship funding is not in scope for ESF match funding- I will double check in case im wrong.

Martin West

From the funding rules

ESF (European Social Fund) match funding requirements


If you deliver training to employers who do not pay the levy you may be accessing funding that can be used as match funding for the European Social Fund (ESF).

ESF is one of the available funds within the European Social and Investment Funds (ESIF) 2014 to 2020 Programme. ESFA acts as a co-financing organisation (CFO) to procure and manage contracts for ESF funded provision on behalf of Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs). LEPs decide how to invest the ESF for 2014 to 2020 and we support them to deliver their ESIF strategies that meet the local needs identified.

As a CFO, we must match ESF funds contracted with money from the UK government (that is, eligible mainstream programme funds). We must use some of the funding we get from the government to pay for an amount of training and support that is equivalent to the ESF contract. We identify activity that improves the skills of the workforce and helps people who have difficulties finding work. We must report this match funding and the associated learners within our funding claims to the ESF Managing Authority in England.

When we identify provision we will use as match funding, the learning activity and its associated funding become part of the ESF programme, which means that the same rules apply as those of the ESF programme.

P352 Provision used as match funding will be subject to ESF compliance checks and we will review the evidence you have to support claims made to us to support the programme funding. You must read these rules in conjunction with the ESF 2014 to 2020 funding rules and adhere to the following requirements:

P352.1 Display at least one poster with information about the project at a location readily visible to the public.

P352.2 Have Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities and Sustainable Development policies and action plans in place.

P352.3 Inform all apprentices that they are on a programme part financed by ESF.

P352.4 Retain documentation for audit including having in place a document retention policy that reflects the minimum date requirement of 31 December 2030 and, if you are chosen for an audit visit, you must allow external auditors into your premises and co-operate with the audit.

P352.5 Participate in evaluations, surveys and reporting as required.

P352.6 Return complete data in line with the 2021 to 2022 ILR specification with key focus to critical fields. Critical fields are:

  • employment status
  • prior attainment
  • household situation
  • destination
  • learner contact details for surveys, especially phone numbers

P352.7 Only return ‘not knowns’ within the ILR for the critical fields in exceptional circumstances. If information is not provided, or ‘not known’ is not available, then you must use ‘learner has withheld this information’.

P353 You, your subcontractors and other third-party organisations must not use our mainstream programme funds as match funding for your own projects through other European Union funds (for example, other European Social Fund, European Regional Development Fund, European Integration Fund).

P354 You must keep to the rules of the ESF programme or you will break the conditions of your contract and this could result in us recovering funds.