Andrea Scotti

TNP 1 and 2 query for a transfer in


If an apprentice transfers in from another provider, I now understand that you don't put in the Original Start Date on the Zprog or the components aims and you make sure the Restart indicator is set for the ZPROG and on the component aim you set the Restat Indicator AND do the proportion of funding also - my query is, that if you put in a proportion of funding left e.g.50% and the TNP 1 & 2 you've agreed with the employer is reduced to reflect the amount of learning required - do you only get a 50% proportion of that?  e.g TNP 1 agreed is £3000, so do you get funded for the full £3K agreed OR 50% of that?   Really sorry I'm confused on how this works funding wise and if I am doing this correctly.  MTIA


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Martin West

TNP records only are used on the Programme aim and Proportion of funding is only used on Maths/English component aims so that should answer your question.

Andrea Scotti

Thanks Martin