Simon Liversedge

Overseas apprenticeship privately funded


Hi is anyone aware of any issues with us delivering an apprenticeship to someone who is overseas if their employer is paying for this privately?

As they need to be in the ILR now for the EPA certs to be sent I wondered if that would throw up any errors, we would need a postcode and NI number which they don't have so wasn't sure on the best way to do this unless we can keep out of the ILR and would the ESFA then come to us to confirm for certificates. 


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Would you need a NINO if it was FM99?

Think I might be tempted to leave it off though, would chat to EPAO first perhaps, explain the situation?

Simon Liversedge

Possibly not, the trouble we have is our system has it as a mandatory field so we can't push it through the system without. Might just add the temporary one and see if it comes up as an error. 

Never had this before but good shout, will see what the EPAO says

Donna Pritchard

If they are overseas and being paid for privately, then they are not on an apprenticeship are they?  They would not need to be on the ILR or do EPA if they are not on an apprenticeship.

Simon Liversedge

The employer is a UK employer that we already deliver an apprenticeship programme to. They have staff working overseas but would also like them to complete the same programme. As they are not living in the UK we know we can't fund them but the EPA is done remotely and they have said they have done this before. 

I tried the service desk and they came back with the below

Apprentices need to be currently living in England to be eligible for funded apprenticeships, if a company is looking at privately training international employees we can not advise on this process as it is outside the remit of the apprenticeship scheme. The apprenticeship scheme generally applies to companies based in England that are hiring in England, and going through the funded apprenticeship process. We can not provide advice on how this would be conducted privately.

So I suppose the question is, if the employer is happy to pay, we don't get it funded and EPAO is happy to assess and cert it then is there anything stopping us doing so?



See, if this was on twitter, I'd reply with a gif of Starship singing "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" but you'll just have to imagine it ;)

Simon Liversedge

Ha ha thanks Steve that songs going to be stuck in my head all day now!