Chris Baker




We have a Full time study programme learner (Started Sept 2021) that is on a two day per week work placement.

The employer has asked if they can pay them (through payroll) for the two days a week 

Is this allowable ?




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Philip Dawe

Chris Baker I don't believe so.

From Funding rules:

107. Many students will look for work experience opportunities independently or take 
part time jobs. This independent work experience or part time work is not funded as part 
of a study programme. From 1 December 2021 prior approval is required from the ESFA 
if any such activity is being considered for inclusion in recorded planned hours and the 
institution will need to evidence to the ESFA how they are incurring costs that meet our 
cost definitions set out in paragraph

124. Neither paid employment nor work experience 
where the student is being paid a likeliness to a weekly allowance to attend the work 
experience can usually be recorded as fundable planned EEP hours. Non-qualification 
hours must not include the hours for T Level industry placements. 

It does say you can ask the ESFA for an exception though.