Faye Hollingdale

Help new to role!


HI I really hope I can draw on some of the experience here as I am new to the role.

I have a learner who has sat her SJT and failed, she is now booked in for her PD.  Am I correct in thinking that they must sit all parts of the EPA before I can put the Zprog down as a completed status?


Thanks in advance.


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Samantha Barker

Hi @..., sorry im not answering your question but just wanted to say im also fairly new to my role (so much to learn!) so if you ever want to take offline and exchange notes feel free :)  I can give you my email address if you'd like to keep contact.





Martin West

Yes must complete all parts of EPA otherwise it’s a withdrawal.

Ruth Canham-James

Correct, you can't record a Standard as Completed (either pass or fail) until they have at least attempted all parts of the EPA. If a student doesn't attempt every part, and then quits, it's a withdrawal.

You do record the Actual End Date, and Outcome as 8, as soon as they get past gateway, but leave the Completion status as Continuing.

Faye Hollingdale

Yes please Samantha Barker

Samantha Barker

Hi @..., my email address is: sam.barker@screwfix.com if you'd like to make contact :)