Joanne Sage

Apprenticeship Accountability Framework Technical Spec


Having reviewed the new framework, does anyone know how the ESFA define a cohort when assessing the quality and supplementary indicators?


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It is very much not clear in this version, but that's the "joy" of a clarification version!

Email the address on the first page and tell them it's not clear (my suspicion is it's "everyone that's in this particular ILR, regardless of start or end date", but can't be certain) and hopefully it will make more sense in the next version!

Martin West

The ESFA regard ‘All age apprenticeships’ as a cohort

Gill Knight

And the university defines a cohort as that group of learners that start together on that course on that date ... not confusing at all 



Yes, I think that's the key, is cohort "everyone in an ilr" or "everyone who starts in a year" or "everyone who is due to finish in a year"  or...

Joanne Sage

Thanks everyone.  I have submitted feedback so I would hope for a definition in the next version!

Sophie Lampert

Hi Joanne,

Did you get an answer to the above?


Just asked Simon Ashworth, AELP Director of Policy (there was a presentation on it at AAC today) and he says ESFA have said the next version will be released "before the end of April"...

Joanne Sage

Hi Sophie

No, I did put my feedback in but haven't received a response.