Samantha Barker



Wonder if anyone can help on the PDSAT tool?  

Firstly, we have just had the PDSAT installed on 3 users laptops, is there a way of linking these so if I upload an ILR Report the others will be able to see and use this data?

Secondly, are there any experienced users out there that offer a few hours tutorial on how to get the best out of the PDSAT and the features we should be using?  We would obviously pay for this service so i'm just putting the feelers out (We are aware of AELP Webinars)  






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Hi Sam

Answer to the first question is "not really". It's just about possible to get PDSAT on a network where you could do this (although it's not for the faint hearted), but it would usually be easier for one person to run it, produce the big old spreadsheet that comes out when you run the reports and put that on a shared drive/sharepoint etc for everyone to work from/annotate etc.

I'm sure other providers are available, but as you've asked directly, I think it's OK for me to say that this is a service I've offered to many providers over the last five years, drop me a line at and we can talk further.

Samantha Barker

Thanks very much Steveh :)  I think you are the gentleman that our ESFA Account Manager spoke very highly of.  I'll contact you shortly, thank you :)