Lyn Joyce

Employer additional apprenticeship incentive payments


Hi these employer incentives are really starting to take over my day job... an employer has asked if the apprentice started earlier than 1st Oct but on a zero hour contract and has since been employed on an apprenticeship contract within the time frame of 1st Oct to 31st Jan can they claim the incentive?

I do hope the government do not offer a new wave of incentives as they are very problematic to say the least, some of the employers really struggle with the whole process and constantly need help with the system. They call the data service and don't get a response!!



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Ray Davies

I am in the same position as  you, incentives have completely take over and we have little or no control over them.

I would say that as the contract of employment was before the 1 Oct then the incentives would not apply. The hours / payrates are just detail, they had a contract of employment.

You might be able to argue or prove that a new contract was taken out for the apprenticeship which might give you some leverage but I have had an instance where AS have checked the employers PAYE and rejected an incentive based on that.

I also hope that this is the end of the incentives and I look forward to the time where we do not have to provide 1st and 2nd line support to the Apprenticeship Service.