Chris Baker

Clawback profile for 2021 to 2022 Full Time programmes



Could anyone point me in the direction of guidance ref clawback situation for 2021.22 for full time programmes

starts are down and I just need to find current table to determine in year clawback ?

Thanks in advance



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Martin West

See the current funding rules for your delivery, as an example for AEB it includes the following:

Reconciling your ESFA funded AEB

  1. At the end of the 2021 to 2022 funding year we will apply a 3% reconciliation tolerance. Where your delivery of ESFA funded AEB is at least 97% of your ESFA funded AEB allocation line, we will not make an end-of-year adjustment and you will not have to pay back any unspent funds.
  2. Our calculation of whether you have delivered 97% will only include delivery of non-formula funded community learning up to the value specified in your funding agreement (where applicable).
  3. If you do not deliver 97% or above, we will confirm the value of funding you must pay back in your reconciliation statement.



Chris, if you're talking about the study prog for contracted providers clawback, I spent twenty minutes trying to find the [redacted] thing yesterday, with no luck...

I think it's:

R06 between 65% & 75% - 1/3 of April to July payment

R06 between 75% & 85% - ½ of July payment

Over 85% - no in year claw-back before July

To be re-examined after R10

But, as to which document it's in, I'm at a loss...

Chris Baker

Thanks Martin and Steve

Yes, it's ESFA full time programmes and at R.06 were only at 56.4%. 

From 2018.19 guidance Annex C:  table C2 says 40% to 60% of full year allocation  = Clawback half allocation payment for April-July,but I cant find anything more recent than that

Thanks Again




[another 20 minutes of searching ensues]


Funding guidance for young people: ILR funding returns - GOV.UK (

OF COURSE it's in the document called "Advice ILR Funding Returns" WHERE ELSE would it be????

If R06 less than 50% of full year allocation
Clawback = Full allocation payment for April –July
If R06 is between 50% and 65% of full year allocation
Clawback = Half allocation payment for April –July
If R06 is between 65% and 75% of full year allocation
Clawback = One-third allocation payment for April - July only
If R06 is between 75% and 85% of full year allocation
Clawback = Provisionally half allocation payment for July only 
If R06 is greater than 85% of full year allocation

No in-year clawback before July