Andrea Scotti

Apprentice name on enrolment and initial assessments


We have an apprentice who is transitioning from male to female and they have completed all of their enrolment documentation in their chosen female name.  However, their passport is still in their male name and the PLR report, that evidences FS exemptions, is also in their male name. In a years time, she will be changing her name via deed poll when she is 18 yrs old.  Does the enrolment documentation and BKSBs, etc, need to be changed to her legal male name until she has legally changed her first name?  we run a 24 month programme and can use the deed poll when she has it,to amend the registration, etc.  MTIA


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I'd say "no", it's fine for initial paperwork to be in her female name, even if the other evidence doesn't "match", just put a note on her file explaining it. Can't see that you need to do more than that?