Dual Funding Querys


Good morning.

Could somebody please confirm if an EFA funded learner (FM25) can be enrolled on to a HE funded (FM99) programme at the same time?

Also can an EFA funded learner be enrolled on to an apprenticeship (FM36) at the same time?

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In terms of HE, probably no:

Para 13 d

Institutions must avoid recording ESFA funding for any part of a student’s study programme that 
duplicates that received from another source, for example, other ESFA 
programme funding, Office for Students (OfS) higher education funding, or 
funding from any other source

Para 70

70. Students undertaking full time higher education (HE) programmes are ineligible for 
ESFA young people’s funding.


161. ESFA will support qualifications which enable students on level 3 programmes, to 
do some study above level 3 (known as higher-level study). 

163. We fund higher-level study under the following conditions: 
a. the HE provision must be a small part of the provision, typically instead of an 
AS level and the young person must be enrolled on a full level 3 programme 
including the HE provision 
b. institutions must substitute higher-level and more stretching provision in place 
of courses and qualifications that students might otherwise pursue 
c. the provision must involve an appropriate amount of teaching or appropriate 
distance learning; it would not be acceptable for HE provision to be undertaken 
purely as private study


In terms of Apprenticeships, absolutely not.

See Q15 on page 61 of the current funding rules. (Assuming you are delivering both) Effectively they have to transfer off their study prog (and the hours of the study prog reduced to actual to avoid double funding) on to the Apprenticeship (but as it's a transfer, it won't affect your QAR), they must not do both at once.