Martin Locock

Apprentice not passing gateway- ILR?


If we have an apprentice who cannot pass gateway because they are awaiting evidence of L2 qualifications (but have completed the training element), how should they be reported on the ILR?  Presumably they will not be drawing down any training payment.  


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Martin West

It would depend on the standard’s gateway requirements and if the L2 qualifications are included in this as a mandatory requirement or Maths/English.

P156.2 satisfied the gateway requirements set out in its assessment plan (including any specific duration criteria)

They would only enter the gateway when all the gateway requirements have been met.


Martin Locock

Thanks- yes it is a requirement, so they will be left as no longer receiving training until gateway can be passed.   So the Learning aim for the apprenticeship would be set to completion status 2 with Actual end date / achievement date for last day of teaching?  Or is actual end date the gateway?