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Non-Levy Employer arguing that they not liable for 5% as on DAS


Can anybody please point us in the direction of which document states that a Non-Levy employer still has to pay the 5% Training Contribution even though they have reserved 100% of the agreed fee in the Digital Apprenticeship Service? 

Have an employer refusing to pay the 5% as they set themselves and reserved on the Digital Apprenticeship Service. The contract they signed from us states they need to pay the agreed amount and the rest will come through the Digital Apprenticeship Service so want an official ESFA document confirming this to send to the employer before start legal proceedings to claim the fee.



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It is in the apprenticeship funding rules for employers.

E215 If you do not pay the apprenticeship levy you must also co-invest at the relevant
co-investment rate, towards the agreed cost of apprenticeship training (see
table above). The government will pay the remaining percentage up to the
funding band maximum. Where the funding band maximum is exceeded, you
must pay all the additional costs above the funding band maximum.

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Thank you Chloe. Didn't think to look at the Employer Funding Rules!

Peter Keating

Thank you as always Martin