Margaret Foster



Hi - Just been reading all of the threads regarding Community Learning. 

My question is do providers ask learners to fill in a full enrolment form etc etc

We have courses running in the community at the moment and would like to use an abridged version?

Any thoughts please


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Ray Davies

Yes we ask learners to complete a full (online) enrolment when applying for community courses and yes it can cause a number of issues e.g. timing out, duplicates, incompletes, irrelevant data requested, number of applicants vs number of actual learners. But it is the way.


So, I think it depends.

For learners doing a substantive, over 4 weeks and/or over 10 hours course, would probably get them to do the whole thing, not least because if they end up progressing to an AEB course (often the goal) then we'll need it all anyway.

For very short taster sessions/family fun days etc where they're only with you for a couple of hours, would definitely go for an abridged one. The mandatory data for CL is almost nothing, so often it's about how little you can get away with adding to your student record system!

Margaret Foster

Steve like your style we have a 2 hours course - regarding debating skills out in the community - so we will try the abridged version


I think the key annoying thing you need to put in is the privacy notice, although I guess you can have a laminated version and show it to people and/or get the tutor to spend two minutes explaining what it is?

Margaret Foster

Thanks Ray - we have always insisted on the full enrolment etc too