Wayne Hosking

Change of Programme Duration whilst on Prog (3 year to 4 year)



  I would appreciate some viewpoints on the following problem we have.

We have a Engineering Apprentice who is on a 3 year condensed Levy programme, the learner has now changed employer to a smaller firm which means he won't be released as frequently and would require an extra year (4 years) to complete his programme. 

How would you go about actioning this with regards to extended duration and OTJ.

Options I can think of.

Withdrawal/Restart (not keen as effects success stats but would allow planned end date to be changed)

Redraw up commitment statement for new dates , but ILR planned end dates shouldn't be changed once set in stone thus they would end up a year past PED )



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Louise Tomkins

Hi Wayne,

When you change employer you have the option to amend the dates in line with the new TNP I believe, I am sure we have done this to reprofile funding.

Otherwise we would consider if a break in learning was an option, if there was a period of time (min 4 weeks) where no learning was taking place or  20% hours logged, then I would be tempted to implement a break if the apprentice and employer agrees, that will allow you to reprofile the funding and amend the planned end date upon return.

If neither of these work, we would go with your second option of revising the commitment statement with a more appropriate plan and knowing that this will run beyond the funding planned end date, but we try not to do this if another option to reprofile is available.

Hope this helps


Martin West

I would not action this this with regards to extended duration and OTJ but follow the funding rules with regard to either if ‘there is no break in employment or a break of 30 days or less’ or ‘break in employment of more than 30 days’ it is not up to the provider to chose which of these options they use.



Agree with Martin, don't change the planned end in the ILR if there's an employment gap of less than 30 days.

Wayne Hosking

Appreciate the Feedback.