Change of Employer after Planned end date


Good morning,

we have received a query for an apprentice who had an original start date of the 10/09/2018, with a planned end date of the 10/09/2020, EPA was originally planned for end of last year but was pushed back for a variety of reasons. He has since left the Employer on the 31/01/2021 and started with new employer. Would the apprentice be able to take the EPA with the new Employer?

If we were to add another employment record in to EBS for the new employer will this error as it is passed the planned end date?

Presumably we would have received all on programme funding up to the planned end date so the completion payment will be released when the EPA has been sat and result known.

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Martin West

As the gap in employment is less than 30 days see the following:


The guidance in the funding rules is from P342 to P344 but does not include the above.

As 20% of funding remains you would record the residual price TNP3 as 20% of funding less the EPA costs and TNP3 as the EPA costs.