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Hi Everyone

I'm sure this has been covered before but I can't seem to find any relevant articles with the search terms I am using - same in the ILR Support Manual!

Would somebody mind explaining or directing me to the process for the ILR where an apprentice withdraws from the programme whilst on a break in learning?



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Ben James

I don't think there is a written process on this particular permutation, but the PSM does suggest;

If the learner does not return from an agreed break in learning, then the learning aim record(s) must be updated to indicate that the learner has withdrawn. Refer to guidance for learner absence or withdrawal.

You'll need to update ILR to reflect the fact the learner has not returned, but their Learning Actual End Date won't change as there shouldn't have been any further learning activity;

  • Employment outcome field is returned if applicable.

  • Completion status field must be code 3.

  • Learning actual end date is the date of last learning activity for the aim.

  • Use a relevant code for the Withdrawal reason field.

  • Outcome must be code 3.

  • Outcome grade data is not returned.

Martin West

On the BIL aim just change the completion status from 6 to 3.

Jessica De Melo

Thanks Both