Martin Locock

Early completion - confirmation from employer


I recall seeing some guidance to cover the circumstances when the initial expected gateway/completion dates are brought forward so that the practical period is shorter than predicted.  I believe that the employer is required to sign a declaration that they are happy that despite the reduction in practical period, all the training has been delivered (so that the training cost is not reduced). Can anyone point me to the guidance and a template declaration if there is one?


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Ruth Canham-James

It's only if the Actual OTJ ends up lower than the Planned OTJ. Provider apps funding rules page 18, there's a flowchart; "What to check if the actual duration and off-the-job training delivered is less than the original planned duration and volume of off-the-job training". In reality, most early completions will end up below planned OTJ unless you did more than 20% over the actual duration.

If the duration has dropped below 365 days (or calculated minimum for a part timer), it's not a valid apprenticeship and you lose all the funding.

Martin Locock

Great thanks.