Rachel Gill

Completed not achieved


I have a learner that has completed their EPA but not achieved, I have recorded this in the ILR as 2 Completed the learning activities, date completed and 3 No achievement. But the ILR error report is showing this as an error

AchDate_12  AimType=1|ProgType=25|FundModel=36|LearnActEndDate=09/08/2021|CompStatus=2|AchDate=|

The Achievement date must be returned


But the learner has not achieved so no date to be returned. Can someone please advise.


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Dan Hodgetts

An EPA we are working with has said it will take them 4 months for them to issue EPA results!! (we are taking this up with them of course).  But until then, this is a long time to wait for a completion payment so how can we claim a completion payment pending EPA results please? Is this possible?


...as long as you've added the EPA completion date to AchDate and that any employer contributions have been recorded as PMR records...

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Dan Hodgetts

Sorry and one other question - how is this affected by resits/retakes.  For example if an Apprentice fails first time and then takes a further 3 months to complete EPA.  Should we wait until the final resit/retake is achieved and results are in for the 20% to be claimed?



So, the two things are related Dan. The ESFA say that you shouldn't report a 2 (and AchDate) until the learner has completely finished, so for resits that's when they've definitively stopped. So, if you record the completion and date in the initial one, but the learner fails and needs to resit then it will get very messy.

Most importantly, remember we need to close off the records by mid-October in R14, so will you have definitive proof of pass/fail for someone taking their EPA in July? I think I'd be looking for another EPAO myself, never heard of a four month delay...