Fouz Graham

EDRS Update


Hi ,

After the announcement today that EDRS is being phased out from 1st of April 2022 fro Apprenticeship .

Can anyone shed a light on how the employer and its location would be identify?




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Gill Knight

Hi Rose

For SITS users, Tribal has added a new field to hold the number which will be available via a search on the 'Submit Learner Data' portal. I am assuming from April this new number will be what is used


Ruth Canham-James

It depends whether you mean in your own data, or in ESFA data. From an ESFA point of view, since every apprentice has to have a record in the DAS with matching ULN, they can get the info from there. In your own data, presumably you can carry on the same if you use a purchased MI system. 

Also, you report delivery location postcode, so they know location from that.

The EDRS numbers have always been very inaccurate. Many employers had duplicate EDRS numbers, and many were accidentally connected because they were entered using trading names rather than actual company names. I'm thrilled they're finally getting rid of it, it's been a huge admin burden for many years.