Jessica De Melo

Progress Reviews - OTJ and Learning


Hi Everyone

A couple of questions following an AELP webinar I joined a few weeks ago.

Firstly, can Progress Reviews be used as evidence for LDOL where apprentice's LNA?

Secondly, can Progress Reviews count towards Off-The-Job if new learning against the standard is taking place? It was suggested these could be counted but to be on the safe-side with the Funding Rules, call them something other than a Progress Review! I had never come across this before.



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Martin West

In general Progress reviews or on-programme assessment are excluded from OTJT and the last day in learning (see the OTJT guidance below), however where learning does take place at the same time as a review, and this can be evidenced separately then this may be used to evidence one or both.

26           “Why are progress reviews and on-programme assessments excluded from the definition?”

A progress review is the regular tripartite discussion that should take place between the employer, training provider and apprentice, to review the progress of the apprentice in relation to the planned programme of learning set out in the commitment statement.

An on-programme assessment is a periodic or modular assessment that might be required for a qualification that is being delivered as part of the programme.

Neither of these activities impart new learning to the apprentice and this is why both are excluded.


P48         Off-the-job training does not include:

P48.1     training to acquire knowledge, skills and behaviours that are not required in the standard or framework;

P48.2     progress reviews or on-programme assessment required for an apprenticeship framework or standard; or

P48.3     training which takes place outside the apprentice’s normal working hours.

Kelly Knights

As Martin said you have to be clear learning has taken place.

Personally I try to avoid using reviews as last day of learning as it can prove difficult evidencing this.