Ben James

Remittance/payment history missing for February


Has anyone else had any issues with this month's remittance being missing? Our finance department were expecting it around the 20th but it's still not visible;


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Samantha Barker

Hi Ben James, payment was made into our bank account on 18th Feb.  Hope this info helps and you find your payment :)

Louise Garratt

Hi Ben

Only just seen your post so you may have visibility by now but in cas you don'y, it ,ay help to know that ours is visible and has been for a couple of days  - 

Ben James

Thanks Samantha Barker and Louise Garratt - I spoke to the ESFA and they said "Unfortunately, we have been made aware of a problem which has meant that the February remittance have not yet been uploaded to MyESF. This is being investigated as a matter of urgency."

Guess this hasn't affected everyone, but they've since sent me the remittance manually!!