Simon Liversedge

Apprenticeship withdrawal and restart QAR


I have read the technical spec and business rules for QAR and still can't see a clear answer on the following.

If an apprentice is withdrawn due to a change of employer being more than 30 days, they have been on for more than 42 days qualifying period and then restart. Do they get excluded? The guidance seems to say they get counted against us unless they are within qualifying period and are a restart. 


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Martin West

Yes that’s how a withdrawal is reported in the QAR they do not get excluded as the learner was not retained as planned due to a gap in-learning.

Simon Liversedge

Thanks Martin

Seems really unfair that you have to process them as withdrawals if there is more than a 30 day gap in-between employers. I know of providers that use BILs for this and I can see why. Not something I want to do but I can understand why they do so. 

Martin West

Some may use a BIL in these circumstances, but this could be picked up at Audit as it is incorrect to do so.


Cripes a lawky, they will get panned for doing that if they get caught...