Sue Wise

Break in Learning after all learning activities are completed


We have a learner who has completed their learning activities and currently at EPA but due to personal reasons this learner isn't able to continue and wants to take a BinL rather than withdraw.

Is it possible to put the learner on a BinL if they have completed their 'actual learning activities' (we haven't yet updated the ILR to confirm the learner's actual learning end date).




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Martin West

The purpose on a BIL is to suspend funding when the Apprentice is not in learning so that funding is not drawn down but depending on the circumstances it could be used where necessary where the employer has requested this due the Apprentice not being able to start the EPA.

Rachel Knight

We have a similar situation where a learner has completed the learning activities and the degree programme and has taken a BiL prior to progressing through Gateway and onto the EPA. 

In terms of the return to learning commitment statement, what's the best way to reflect this in terms of updating training plan and OTJ calculation. Usually there are modules of learning left to complete however this isn't the case for this learner.