Sue Wise

LearnAimRef_92 Error


Hi, I have a legacy learner who is still on programme and just achieved his English Functional Skills L2 but receiving the following error message on the Rule Violation report:

The Learning aim reference is not valid in the LARS database for this Funding model for this teaching year.

This learner started his English FS with the correct LARS code (just taken a long while to achieve).  Can anyone please let me know how I can get this error removed as the details on the ILR are correct.



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Martin West

Check the aim as it looks like its past the certification date


Yeah, did they actually take the old style FS if they've just done it now? 

Assuming they have, in fact, taken the new style just swap the aim, which I assume starts with a 5, with the equivalent that starts with a 6.

Because FS is excluded for any Ach Rates etc for Apps, no problem with the aim being different across different years.

Sue Wise

Hi both, thanks for your guidance, the learner did in fact complete the new style aim so I have now corrected it and no longer have any errors. 

Thanks again :-)