Peter Keating

BIL returner - do they now have to go on DAS


We have an apprentice that was put on a break in learning and in the meantime changed employer. They originally started the apprenticeship prior to Non-Levy employers had to onto the DAS and this new employer is also Non-Levy.

Does this new employer have to enter reserve the funds and put the learner through the DAS? I'm sure they do as the learner is coming back from a Break IN Learning but have others saying that they don't as they are moving employers.



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Martin West

If originally ACT 2 and funded via precured contract then you will have an allocation of funds until completion so you can continue to use ACT 2 for the new employer.


Peter Keating

Thank you Martin that helps.

So we just need to negotiate the price for the remainder of the programme and if the employer is small they don't have to pay anything as the learner was 16-18 when they started the Apprenticeship