Gill Knight

DLOCK 10 issue


I have another variation of the DLOCK 10 issues.

Learner left first employer as 06/08/2021. Employer stopped the Apprenticeship service as August too

Learner started with 2nd Employer as 09/08/2021. 

Due to issues in setting up the Apprenticeship Service account for the new employer (the first attempt expired) and the monies being transferred from a levy payer the new account is now dated as starting December 2021.

The learner has been with us continuously throughout. 

I have a DLOCK 10 error that says the 2nd Employer has stopped the account as 09/08/2021

I would prefer to resolve this without stopping the record if possible as the ILR is actually right but cannot get the Apprenticeship service to match it or therefore draw any funding for the learner.



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Martin West

It does not matter if the learner had been with you continuously throughout you can only claim funding for the second employer from the start date in DAS (Dec 2021) so you will need a withdrawal and restart.

The 30 day guidance for change of employers is slightly misleading as it is really the gap between the last day in learning with the first employer and the start with the new employer as recorded on DAS.

The help guidance for this is at:


Su Su Htin Ya

Hello there,

We are also having the same issue and haven't been receiving any funding because of this. I'd like to know how to resolve this dlock_10 error please? The first employer stopped on DAS in July 2021 and the new employer started on DAS in July 2021 as well.

Many thanks.

Su Su