Alison Robinson

Audit and Cognassist


Has anyone had any audit issues when using Cognassist? The ESFA are questioning the outputs we have from it especially around initial assessment.


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Martin West

Auditors do have to include this and your understanding of the funding rules as your interpretation of the initial assessment outcomes in line with the funding rules determine the qualifications that are eligible for funding.

What are the issues?

Simon Liversedge

I tried to find anyone who had been through audit with Cognasist under new funding rules on learning support but was unable to find anyone. Would be really interested to speak to you if you are currently going through this? 
I did end up speaking to 2 auditors to get their views though and this helped us create our process etc. 

The message was cognasist could not be relied on fully, its a tool to help identify a need but we also need to carry out our own needs assessment to make sure they need extra adjustments and determine if there is a cost etc along with the monthly reviews. Resources in cognasist would not support a monthly claim on their own without other involvment from our staff.