Maria Reason

Traineeship progression



Pretty new to learning about Traineeships, currently looking at progressions. 

Does anyone know if a learner who has enrolled onto a Traineeship, achieves the Traineeship but does not have a progression outcome what impact this has on the funding claimed please? 


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Philip Dawe

Hi Maria Reason,

Funding Model 35 - AEB - you would not receive the 20% achievement payment

Funding Model 25 - 16-19 Young people  - no impact



Martin West

To Achieve a Traineeship 20% of the full funding rate, you must record one of the progression outcomes in the ILR.

  1. There are 3 aspects of 19 to 24 traineeship funding: the single work placement and work preparation rate
  2. for traineeships starting on or before 31 August 2020, this rate is £970
  3. for traineeships starting on or after 1 September 2020, this rate is £1,500
  4. You earn the achievement payment for the work placement and work preparation element when the learner has a successful outcome recorded on the ILR. For example, if the learner progresses to an apprenticeship, job or further learning as defined in the ESFA funded AEB funding rules.


Maria Reason

That is great thank you for your help