Benjamin Cowdery

NSF Adult Skills Offer - sense -check required please!


From my reading of the latest AEB Rules, my understanding is that if a learner has previously achieved a (non-full) L3 Qual outside of the Offer -  which also happens to now be offered through the Adult offer (remember, not all quals in the offer are Full L3s) - they are not eligible to make use of any further Qual through the Offer.  This is based on the para below:

Do you agree?



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Ruth Canham-James

I'm struggling to get my head around this, but I think you're right.

I was told expressly by ESFA that, when judging prior quals for FFL3, only quals with legal entitlements counted. So, if a student had a large level 3 that would have been considered "full" in years gone by, but it didn't have legal entitlements, that student could still be eligible for FFL3. Seems ridiculous, but that's what they confirmed.

So with that in mind, I guess they would apply similar for NSF, and that smaller level 3 quals that would never have been "full", but are now eligible for NSF, would prevent the student from being fully funded for another NSF qual.

Whether I think that's fair or not is a different matter. I definitely recommend asking the Service Desk. If you get an answer that they can do NSF again, make sure you keep a copy of the email.

Benjamin Cowdery

Thanks for your input Ruth...the Rule updates to the NSF and the April 22 flexibilities have been written in a similar way to their residency rules...far more complicated than they need to be. If the single word 'available' was taken out of 132.2 it would have a totally different meaning, but as it's there, I am obliged to read it the way I have, I believe.