Rachel Jobes



Hi All - I'm looking at both sets of funding rules for a few different learner queries we have ongoing.

The questions are around sick leave and jury duty and OTJT.

Am I correct in thinking sick leave (and leave for jury duty) for 4-6 weeks should be a BIL? One learner has just found out they will be off but a different learner is telling us in retrospect and both are asking if their OTJT should be adjusted?




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Martin West

No the OTJ hours recorded on the ILR remain as per the original commitment statement and must not be changed, where due to circumstances the hours are not completed they should be made up during the practical period.

P50 Since 1 August 2019 planned off-the-job training hours must also be documented on the individualised learner record. You must not change this figure once submitted (except for a data input error at the beginning of the programme).

P53 If planned off-the-job training is unable to take place as scheduled, you and the employer must ensure this is re-arranged so that the full complement of training set out in the commitment statement can still be delivered. All off-the-job training must take place during normal working hours.



I agree with what Martin is saying about the OTJ value, but I think jury duty over four weeks is probably (with the correct sign-offs) a case for a Break in Learning? Obviously, that's going to involve a whole pile of other paperwork, but they're very much not at work for that period (full disclosure, my wife is a court usher, so I've learnt *a lot* about jury duty over the past few years!!!).

Rachel Jobes

Thank you both for this looks like a few more BIL's my fave lol :)