Sue Wise

Withdrawal within 42day qualifying period - Reported in QAR?


Hi, can anyone clarify, if we have a learner withdrawal within the 42day qualifying period and is taken back to start, do they still get included in QAR (and retention figures) or not?



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Philip Dawe

They would be excluded from the QAR calculation and would not count in your retention figure.

Ben James

Extract from the QAR rules Business Rules for Qualification Achievement Rates from 2017 to 2018 ( regarding learning aims they exclude from QARs

g) Where a learner withdrew within the respective funding qualifying period without achievement. There is no qualifying period for trailblazer pilot standards recorded under Funding model 81 (‘Other adult’), however we exclude those where the apprentice withdraws without a net employer contribution payment  being recorded (i.e. any payments minus refunds)

EDIT: The link says 2017/2018 but it actually links to the 2021 rules


Martin West

Do not understand the taken back to start bit?

Sue Wise

Thanks Philip Dawe / Ben James that's good to know.

Martin West - apologies for any confusion, this learner's first day of learning was Module 1 (which was the start date) but as the learner hadn't completed any further learning, I had taken the learner back to the start of the programme (i.e. Module 1).  Hope this clarifies.



I think the key conceptual thing here is the QAR *only* uses the R14, so, regardless of what you've submitted before that (and I'm guessing this learner generated a payment which was then paid back when withdrawn?), if the learner is withdrawn to start date in the R14 that is all the QAR can use (and it will exclude them).

Sue Wise

Steveh thanks for the further clarification (it had generated a payment which will be clawed back) - good to know this won't affect the QAR.

Thanks everyone.