Nadine Baister

Last day of learning



Question about withdrawals and BIL vs. Last Day of Learning (LDoL).

When processing a WD or BIL, the LDoL must be used as the withdrawal date. Does that LDoL need to be recorded on the OTJ log to remain compliant? 

Hypothetical example of problem; 

  • A degree apprentice completes OTJ log up until Nov 21. 
  • Attends class taught session in Dec 21 
  • Logs onto a VLE in Jan & Feb (engagement reports ONLY show dates, times, number of 'logins' and 'clicks'). This report can be printed. 
  • Apprentice decides to withdraw from programme in March 22 but refuses to update the OTJ log since Nov 21. 

Can the VLE login's alone be used as the LDoE? Or should it be the last classroom session where we can evidence what KSBs we're taught? Or should it be the last OTJ entry? 

Advice appreciated. 


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Kelly Knights

We have worked with Distance Learning providers before and we withdrew learners based on online learner activity.

My advice would be if you can evidence that some form of learning took place when they accessed their VLE then you can use that date.

Auditors will just want to know about the controls you have in place for your VLE software.


Nadine Baister

Hi Kelly Knights 

Thanks for your reply :) 

What if the VLE report literally just says 

Date/Time; Number of logins 6 / Number of clicks 30?

Under university regulations / HESA, this is acceptable evidence of 'engagement' and should be used for the degree withdrawal date. I am not convinced this is acceptable to ESFA regulations...

Martin West could you offer any words of wisdom? 

Kelly Knights

If you can provide evidence to back up the entries than Id say its ok otherwise amd (just in my opionin) an auditor is likely to raise questions. Lets see what the experts say...

Martin West

I would agree with Kelly what this is all about evidencing that learning has taken place but as the Apprentice has refused to update the OTJ training log to reflect when the VLE was accessed in JAN and Feb then you should revert to the last taught session in Dec for the Last date in learning as this is the last date that can be evidenced.