Jackie Danks

DSAT 22Y-2 Stud Num by funding band & Planned Duration by weeks


I have some learners on report 22Y-212 450+ hours (Band 4a) for fewer than 6 planned weeks.

As per the guidance document I have tried to find these in report 22Y-101.

I have filtered on 450+ hours (Band 4a) 16-19 and anything with a planned end date prior to December and have 2 learners.

If I purely filter on 450+ hours (Band 4a) 16-19 and look at all learners I cannot see anything less than 6 weeks

Any advice on how to find these learners would be very much appreciated



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Philip Dawe

Jackie Danks,

On report sheet '22Y-101' try filtering column P - 'Number of planned weeks in year (programme)' for < 7 weeks.



Jackie Danks

I had already tried this but it only gave me 2 learners