Dean Cox

Last Day of Activity for a Break in Learning


When processing a withdrawal, the last day of activity used for the date in the ILR needs to be explicit learning.

What is your understanding when a learner takes a break in learning. Should the same approach be used where explicit learning is used as the last activity date, or can other forms of engagement be used as the break date on the ILR. As we have learners who have engaged via accessing materials and having progress reviews, up to the point they've wanted to take a break, but we have been using explicit learning date as we would with a withdrawal and have backdated their break by as much as a couple of months which has a knock on effect on their minimum duration etc.

We're really keen to try and sort a better process and investigate if we are processing breaks as efficiently and suitable as possible.



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Martin West

The guidance for a BIL is the Learning actual end date is the date of last learning activity for the programme/aim and as per the guidance reviews are not classes as a learning activity.