Jackie Danks

PDSAT 22A-507


Can I please clarify something.  Where there are functional skills on this report and they withdraw after the qualifying period but then come back a couple of months later and enrol on the same aim, can we only claim the 20% achievement or are we still entitled to funding as they have been taught again?


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Martin West

See note on DSAT: Where learners resume a learning aim, there should be an appropriate funding adjustment for prior learning made to ensure that there is no over claim of funding.

Ben James

Just jumping on this one. We've got a number of learners appearing on the 22A-507 report where the aims are not Functional Skills because the logic doesn't differentiate between them. The guidance says;

Note that for apprenticeships starting on or after 1 May 2017, the Funding adjustment for prior learning field affects funding only for English and maths learning aims.

Would you suggest ignoring these on the DSAT report? Or adding the funding adjustment to the ILR on the basis that it won't actually affect funding, but would 'fix' the error?

Martin West

This report includes any regulated learning aim that are duplicates and any restarted aims on FM 35,36 or 81.

It is up to the Provider to check that where required the appropriate funding adjustment has been entered and correct those on the ILR that are incorrect to ensure no over claim of funding or provide the reason no funding adjustment is required..


Ben James

The ones on our report are all learners on FM36 where they have returned from a BIL, and we've recorded them in accordance with the PSM i.e., with a restart indicator but without the funding adjustment because they are not English/Maths aims. They still appear on the report though.. hence why I wonder whether simply adding the funding adjustment would be such a bad thing. It's not required, but it wouldn't really affect funding would it, and would presumably get rid of them from the 22A-507 report?


Richard Phipps

Functional skills with a funding adjustment still appear on the report though.

Non-functional skills funded qualifications funded through funding model 36 aren't funded directly (it's all done through the negotiated price) so we ignore those as putting a funding adjustment in doesn't change any funding and didn't get rid of them from the report (for functional skills).

Martin West

The aim is not to remove the aims from the report but just to note that for these aims that no funding adjustment is required as they are FM 36 and not Maths or English.